It's always scary when you hear of something that you use has been hacked. In this case, it's a lot more serious than just a credit card. A major credit reporting company has had its information compromised which includes social security numbers and other very personal information. Find out if your personal information has been breached. Equifax estimates that 143 million Americans have had their information leaked through a major cyber-security breach. The information that was stolen through one of the three major credit reporting companies includes social security numbers, birth dates, addresses and drivers license numbers. There were also credit card numbers released from over 200,000 customers along with credit reporting disputes of over 180,000 consumers.

What is more disturbing is that Equifax knew of the breach back on July 29th but didn't report it until September 7th.

Thankfully my name and information was not one of the 143 million that were compromised. To find out if yours was click here.

For more detailed information about the cyber-security hack and what to do if your information has been leaked, visit the Equifax website.

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