You've heard the term, "party pooper," right?

Well, I'm not sure how that term originated, but it may have been because of something like this.

Million Dollar Beach, Lake George's most popular swimming destination, was closed Tuesday due to the water check coming back with high levels of fecal coliform. This being the second time in less than a week that this problem has come up and they're unsure of where it's coming from, though many birds and mammals frequent the area.

So, OK, maybe it's not human poo, but any poo is too much poo, right? I mean, just imagine the beautiful, hot Tuesday and people enjoying the final days of summer and being told they had to close the beach due to fecal coliform. If that doesn't halt the fun, I don't know what does!

Lake George will reopen the beach as soon as the levels are back to being acceptable courtesy of testing from the Department of Environmental Conservation. As of the publishing time of this blog, the beach was still closed and levels were still being investigated.

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