We're in celebration mode here at the radio ranch.  It's Beer Week in honor of the Beer Summit happening in Saratoga, so I thought I'd find some fun, bizarre factoids, and I sure did. 

1.     Did you know that the word beer comes from the Latin word "bibere" which means --to drink?    Fascinating

2.     The oldest known recipe in the world is for BEER!   Equally fascinating

3.     Monks in the Middle Ages were allowed to drink 5 quarts of beer per day!  (Wish they were still alive to come up to Saratoga Beer Summit - they'd love it! )

A.J. Bodden
photo by Richie Phillips

      Townsquare Media's A.J. Bodden


4.   In Egypt, minimum wage for a day's labor was two containers of beer.

5.  They used to serve beer for breakfast in medieval times in Engalnd

I got these facts from The Genius of Drinking.com.  It has pages and pages of facts.  Check it out, but more importantly check out the happenings in Saratoga during Beer Summit.  Get your tickets at wgna.com





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