During this lockdown, we are all trying to find new and fun family activities to do with our kids. This latest one happens to be delicious, inexpensive, and super fun. You can now get Auntie Anne's pretzel kits to make their delicious treats at home. I don't know about you, but when we used to be able to go to the mall, one of the highlights was the amazing aroma of Auntie Anne's pretzels. Since we can't get them because of the lockdown or even go to the mall for that matter, Auntie Anne's has a way that you can make them at home.

According to People.com, Auntie Anne's has made a limited edition Do It Yourself At-Home Pretzel Kit. This way you can make their hand-rolled delicious pretzels at home. The best part is that the kits are only twenty dollars. You get all of the ingredients you need (excluding butter) to make a ten pack of cinnamon-sugar or classic pretzels. Hurry and order your kit because they are only available while they last. Click HERE to get one.

The President of Auntie Anne's, Heather Neary has this to say of their kits:

"The DIY At-Home Pretzel Kit is not only a great way to satisfy those pretzel cravings, but also creates a fun activity for families to enjoy together while remaining at home."

We love to try new things in the kitchen with our nine-year-old, Ryan. For his birthday, back in April, he got a baking kit and he has made banana bread from scratch, brownies, and cookies. I think this Auntie Anne's DIY Pretzel Kit would be so fun to do as a family.

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