The "Good News" is featured everyday  on the Sean and Richie Show at about 8:10 am, hopefully you tune in each morning for a little dose of inspiration in a very cynical world. If you happened to miss it today, we did a "good" story about something that is usually chock full of angst, social media.

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A lot of studies talk about the detriment of social media like Facebook, ans let's be honest it really can be a downer sometimes but it's nice to know that sometimes it truly can work to a person's advantage.

Malen Gaynor was recently diagnosed with leukemia and things didn't look good. It seems, that chemotherapy was not going to be an option for Malen and she would needed a bone marrow transplant. The problem with that is you need a "match" and usually that is most likely to come from a family member and Malen had long since lost touch with hers.

Malen and her Father had a falling out 18 years ago and she had no idea where he even lived, so she took to the internet to find him. She did, with a Facebook search she found her father living about 400 miles away and reached out to him for help. After she explained the situation, even after almost two decades of not talking her father agreed to see if he matched, as did her half-brother who she also reconnected to through her father.

Since contacting them her brother has already been tested and her father will be tested on Wednesday to see who is the better match.

Now that, is some good news. Good luck to Malen and I do hope that she and her family grow stronger everyday.