This is the kind of survey that really scares me.  I'm scared because of occupations such as doctor, pilot, and brake line repair... to name just a few.

The survey I'm talking about found the average person is only productive for a total of three days a week.

And when it's hot outside, that drops down to two-and-a-half days!

Sooooooo happy summer!

Here are the top 10 things that are blocking our productivity... (And in parenthesis, how those things affect me!)

1.  Getting a bad night of sleep. (You mean like because of the storm and the EAS warning last night??)


2.  Being too hot in the office. (Like the 'GNA studio from 5:00 AM - 8:00 AM??)


3.  Your coworkers distracting you or talking to you. (You mean like Sean, Matty and Marissa??)


4.  Computer problems. (Are there any computers here that work????)


5.  A noisy office. (Come on, it's a freaking radio station!!!)


6.  Boredom. (Actually, never a problem here!! :-)


7.  Being distracted by personal issues. (Ha!)


8.  Feeling hungry.  (Do I smell cheese fries??)


9.  Being too cold in the office. (Like the 'GNA studio from 8 AM on....???)


10.  Being hungover.  (SHHHHHHH.... Stop Yelling!!!)

So that's how I work around here.... or rather, don't work!  How about you? Are you productive for 2 or 3 days a week?


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