The Yankees are set to play a double header today due to a rain out yesterday, that however is the irrelevant part of today. Here is why you need to watch.

Now while die hard fans of the Bronx Bombers already know this, today is the day Derek Jeters number 2 gets retired. The reason I post this is because in the more recent years I found myself falling away from watching baseball. I would occasionally watch a game here and there but this year I cannot stop watching. I am assuming there are many other people in the Capital Region just like me who maybe are unaware about the festivities going on today.

All day today on the YES Network the Yankees are paying homage to the captain and at 6PM tonight they will commence the ceremonies to retire his number he wore for 20 seasons in pinstripes. These times are of course subject to change given the fact that they will be playing the Astros in the first game of two before hand. Will you be watching tonight?

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