I love this personally! I myself am allergic to bees but cannot swing the cash to get an epi-pen. Don't get me wrong I want one a probably need one but come on with the prices!

Luckily New York is testing some alternatives to these costly life savers. News Channel 13 spoke with Mohawk Ambulance about this.

“Allergies to medications, foods, bee stings,” said Mohawk Ambulance Service Paramedic, Brandon Hermance.


“We spend about 66-thousand dollars a year in epinephrine auto injectors,” Hermance said.


“We can reduce the costs that we pay out for the medications, which in turn will reduce the cost for our patients as well,” Hermance said.

So not just will it be cheaper but it literally will be the same exact thing, It just will be administered differently. So helpful to consumers, check. Helpful to emergency responder's, check. Sadly this will not be replicated for patients. Or highly unlikely it was said. However there is a plan in place for that. Read more at the link below.

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