I keep hearing news about this Empire State Trail that will go 750 miles from Albany to Buffalo as well as connect NYC to the North Country. I have a lot of questions but the main one is - why?

According to The Daily Gazette, the fate remains uncertain but supporters believe that it would enhance national bicycling in New York as well the overall health of the state with the opportunity for exercising. The supporters of the trail gathered today to give one more push before budget negotiations. Based on recent polls, a lot of people in the area are really angry about this idea.

I don't hate the idea of a trail crossing the entirety of the state. I can't imagine anyone utilizing the whole thing on a quick run or bike ride (reminder: 750 miles) but at face value I guess it doesn't seem like a terrible idea. On the other hand, out of the many things to be concerned about, should having a 750 mile trail be one of them? Do you have an opinion on the Empire State Trail?

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