Easton Corbin and CMT are hosting a REALLY cool contest.  I love scavenger hunts, especially the ones that don’t have me leaving the house!  Here are things you will need to find.  Once you have them you Email the answers in for your chance to WIN an Easton Corbin Prize Pack.  Imagine if you are the winner, and you can tell him all about it at Countryfest!!!  I played, the video is awesome!

Ready go!

Step 1 - Watch the “All Over The Road” video at CMT.
Step 2 – Get out a pen and pencil and PAY ATTENTION!
Step 3 – Answer the five questions below correctly and in order!

Who is the director?
What is hanging from the rear view mirror in the getaway car?
What does “The Vixen” do with the stolen cash?
How many police cars are involved in “The Chase?”
How does “The Vixen” secure their get away?

Step 4 – Email your answers to eastontouring@gmail.com as well as a phone number where you can be reached!

Ok here is the video, I wish you good luck!

How did you do? Let us know!

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