April 22nd is Earth Day and many people will be helping to better the environment and cleaning up around their neighborhoods. But did you know that many retailers offer discounts for Earth Day?

There are many activities that you can do with your kids to help observe and pitch in for Earth Day. Here are some of the retailers that are also participating that offer many discounts in honor of the day.

Target: If you trade in your old car seat, you canreceive 20 percent off a new car seatt either in-store or online. Target takes the old car seats and recycles them into new products.

Amazon: Get 20 percent off select items including pre-boxed and pre-owned items

Best Buy: Get up to 30 percent off of major appliances

Whole Foods:Customers get $5 off any organic produce purchase of $25 or more as part of their one-day sale on organic produce.

*participation may vary. check you local retailers for details.

To see how you can participate in Earth Day activities, to learn more and to see more discounts and deals, click HERE


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