The Super Bowl was super dull.  There's no other way to put it. Brian and his guests talked about their favorite shows on Netflix, Chrissy wrote blogs about Ibuprofen, and Jess hung out with her ex-boyfriend. Turns out, we weren't the only ones that were forced into a back-up plan on a day most of us (football fans or not) wait all year for.  Many of us were forced into finding a way to keep the evening interesting and you won't believe what one listener did last night during the game!

The game was dull, the halftime show was forgettable, and it feels like even the Super Bowl commercials aren't entertaining anymore.  On Monday morning, Brian and Chrissy talked to GNA listeners about what they did to keep their mind occupied during a night that lacked any excitement.

With that being said, congrats to the Patriots and their fans on winning their 6th Super Bowl.  It's been a remarkable run and while all the games haven't been spectacular, their accomplishments are beyond anyone's wildest imagination.


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