There are only two drones that have been purchased for Albany County Law Enforcement, but they are already making a difference in the Capital Region.

Whenever I see a drone, it seems it is being used for recreation. My nephew has one and he loves it. He uses it to get some amazing video of aerial views around his house. So when I saw that Albany County had purchased two drones, I admit I was a little skeptical.

Well the purchase has proved to be making a difference. Sheriff Apple says that the drones have been put to good use since acquiring them back in January. The Sheriff states that the drones have been used nine times in everything from fire investigations to locating a missing child. He also says that it keeps his staff safe and allows the drone to go into dangerous situations like ice rescues or a hazardous material scenes.

The other positive note about the drones is they were purchased for $20,000 with money seized by criminals.

I am all for creative ways in helping keep our law enforcement safe and I am happy to know that these drones are working to make sure our communities are safer too.

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