Listen I'm not here trying to preach I know all things driving or that I am the greatest at it. This certain act in Troy erks me beyond belief.

Now, it happens far beyond Troy, but I always drive the exact same way home and see it at this certain intersection more than any other. Hoosick and Oakwood, four-way and heavily traveled intersection. The one thing that always happens here involves pedestrians and gets my blood boiling. Crossing the intersection, in rush hour mind you, with the east and westbound lanes having the green light.

This intersection has caused death in the past from someone doing just this. When you need to cross the road you just press the button and all lights will turn red and all lanes cannot turn on red at that time. That is the correct thing to do. What happened Thursday night in a bad snow storm is worse. Press that button and just proceed to walk in front of oncoming traffic before you are indicated to.

What made it even worse beyond that, by the time dude crossed the road and almost caused a pileup accident coming down Hoosick the button triggered all the lights to turn red as everyone is sitting there mad that there is no reason for it.

Correct way to use this device for those who may be unaware,

  1. Press the button.
  2. Wait for pedestrian green light.
  3. Cross the road.

It's very difficult but will make the people wielding 3,000-5,000 pound cars towards you far more comfortable.

Signed, Capital Region Driver.

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