I never go anywhere without my driver's license. I need it in case I (accidentally) get pulled over, to get into some bars, and to buy alcohol. Now, if all goes well, that card may become obsolete.

There's a pilot program started in the District of Columbia as well as 4 states (Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Maryland) and if it works out, we may be showing our driver's license via our cell phones and not a card we struggle to take out of our wallets.

I know what you're thinking, my brain went there first too. Cell phones are pretty easy to get into, how is this at all secure? Fox News is reporting that a cybersecurity company has been working on this and will take care of those issues.

The app shows both sides of the license but works differently than just a picture. It pretty much looks the same but has the ability to change the look based on the situation. For example, if someone using it is trying to buy alcohol, you only see the picture and that they are of age so you don't give away any private information. On the other hand, if you get pulled over, the officer can see the entire card.

Each state controls their own driver's licenses so if the test in these 4 states goes well, it's up to the New York government to decide if we start to use it here. It's projected that Americans will have the choice between electronic or a hard copy within the next 5 years.

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