The legal drinking age has always been up for debate. There was a time that it was 18 and then raised to 21. There's one state that may change the drinking age again.

The legal drinking age would only be 19 in the state of Wisconsin under a bill that was started by some Republican lawmakers, according to News10ABC. The problem is that their federal highway funds are dependent on the drinking age staying at 21 based on a law from 1984. Rep. Adam Jarchow said “At 19 years old, there are very few things that you cannot do."

I agree with that. It never made sense to me that you can enlist in the military at 18 but not have a drink until 21. How is it that someone can go and fight for our country but can come home and still not be able to have a drink? Granted, in Wisconsin they'd still have to wait a year but it's closer. I do understand that 18 may seem young to some to be able to drink, there's obviously a reason they changed it to 21. At the very least though, if you have a military ID, you should be able to show that and have a drink at 18.

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