Do you always feel like you're on the tail-end of hearing about trends? Did you just download Instagram? Well, I'm here to help!

I've got two apps here for you to download right now. And, once you do, I'm certain you'll have a more fun weekend!


If you're single, or even if you're not, (hey, I'm not about to judge) download Hinge. It wants to do for relationships what Tinder did for hooking up.  It uses its “romance graph” to pair you with friends of friends that fit your style. You still get the fun of swiping right or left, but this time you're doing it to find your soulmate. Hinge only shows you matches that are friends of friends, so you have a trusted connection that implies your date isn’t a psychopath, and you get to see info about their work and education up front. So, if you're planning on trick-or-treating alone, maybe download this app first, and see if you can find a Kanye for your Kardashian costume!


MSTY is a fun and exciting new way to message your friends using music! Whether you're happy, celebrating, flirting or simply having fun with friends... There's a MSTY for every moment! And what's cool is that the music is really good! It's new and fresh and relevant. Plus, there's an iTunes link right on the message, so if you like the song that your friend MSTY'ed you, you can download it in one click. So, if you're into Snapchat, try MSTY! You get to add songs to your own photos or one from their library, and after you get the hang of it, you'll be giggling all night long!  Plus, WGNA is teaming up with MSTY for a fun Halloween contest! Click here to read more about it and see how you can win!

There ya go! The level of fun for your weekend just went up! Have fun out there!