As a dog owner I love this idea, as someone who does not live in Saratoga I am a little jealous. According to News 10 ABC, thanks to legislation signed into law last year and the efforts of dog lovers in Saratoga many local downtown restaurants will be allowing dogs to eat with their owners where outdoor dining is available.

The Dog Friendly Downtown initiative was started 6 years ago in Saratoga and they have gone a long way towards making a nice stroll in downtown Saratoga even more attractive to dog owners and dog lovers.

Now you can walk downtown, stroll through many of the shops and eat with your furry best friend by your side the entire time. You do have to be aware of which businesses do and do not participate in the program and what their specific rules about your canine companion are. TO know where your dog is welcome just look for the "Dog Friendly Downtown (DFD) sticker in their window. TO know what specific rules each business has for you and your dog just visit, the dog friendly downtown blogspot. 

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