In an incident filled to the brim with irony, a deer smashed through a window in Syracuse.

Not just any window, however, as the spooked creature approached a rage room in the area, aptly named "iSMASH", and broke through a pane of glass at the front of the building.

Luckily for us, iSMASH security cameras were rolling on Sunday evening, and caught the incident for all to see.

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Thanks to the folks at, who reported the story on their website, we can see exactly how this insanity unfolded...

The video shows every bit of the bizarre and unnerving event. The deer broke through the glass window, and bounded into what appeared to be the lobby of the iSmash establishment in Syracuse. It bolded toward the front reception desk, causing the employee on duty to dart for higher ground.

The deer then bounded past a few scared onlookers, and made its way out of frame toward the back of the building, never to be seen again on this footage.

Though it was asserted in the article that the deer seemed alright, you can see in the video a hint of blood on the left shoulder area, which would imply that the deer had been cut by the shards of glass from the window, or possibly, injured before the incident itself.

The deer would eventually be let out of the rear of the establishment, where it headed back into the woods.

The iSMASH franchise, meanwhile, is one of the more prominent rage rooms in Upstate New York. There was, at one time, an iSMASH facility in Albany, and the company currently operates locations in Syracuse and Rochester. Rage rooms themselves are very much in style at the moment, with frustrated folks flocking to these facilities to relieve tension all over the country.

For all we know, the deer in question may have just had a stressful day.

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