I lived with a single Mom so maybe I'm missing something with this but I read that the Troy City School District sponsored National Dads Take Your Kids to School Day, it confused me.

I understand the concept of Take Your Kids to Work Day because it's something out of the ordinary. That day is a chance for children to see what their parents do day-to-day, it's a great bonding experience as well as a learning experience. National Dads Take Your Kids to School Day seems to be missing the mark.

The Troy Record said that this event is to "promote paternal involvement in a child's education." I'm going to say this again, maybe I'm missing something, but they're just bringing their child to school. Sure, it's a small chance to bond with a father or father figure but the time spent in a car and the time spent in your parent's office are completely different.

Not to mention, what about the dads/father figures who bring their kids to school every day, like the stay-at-home dads or single dads. I feel like separating it as National Dads Take Your Kids to School Day, makes it seems as if moms are the people who usually do and not giving credit to the fathers who have that role.

The Troy Record says the goal of this event is:

informing fathers about services available for them and their families, including financial literacy and asset building, job development and educational advancement, improving literacy, health and wellness, school safety and volunteer opportunities and support for new Americans.

and I can appreciate that, but how is that getting accomplished by a ride to school for the day. Please, if I'm missing the big picture here, I'd love to have it explained further to me but at face value, I guess I just don't see the point.

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