A western New York man recently traded in his E-ZPass transponder for a new one, and the old one kept charging him!

According to News 10, John Smith (An alias to protect his account info) of Buffalo got a new transponder and shipped his old one back to E-ZPass in Staten Island. After shipping it, he got a $15 charge on the old tag! It turns out only E-ZPass can turn them off, so on the trip in the mail truck from Buffalo to Staten Island his old tag kept charging him.

New tags are delivered in foil, but according to Smith the return envelope for the old one did not have foil. The Thruway did refund his money, and they do recommend wrapping an old transponder in foil when returning it.

So if returning an old transponder, wrap it in foil. Actually, wrap it a few times so you do not get charged!