Sorry, but although I'm usually happy to hear that we're going to a museum, when I get there, I get "antsy".  Just being honest.  Maybe I ain't got no culture?  No, not necessarily....  it has to be the right kind of museum. You feel the same? I need multi-media!  Not just a bunch of glass cases with old bones in them, or a painting from 1735 of a vase that's supposed to have major significance.   I need MORE!

Enough about me.  If you feel the same, I'm working for you here.  I have found a bunch of museums that  will keep that interest level sky high (unfortunately there may be some travel involved!)

Computer Game Museum Opens In Berlin

For example, there's the old, warn out computer hall of fame (with warn out antique computers from like 1 year ago, LOL), and the all important Cockroach Hall of Fame.  They actually dress them up too.  Don't believe me?

Liber--roachie!!!!!   Gotta love it!!!     Want to see more?  Come on, folks--this is what the internet is for--wasting your valuable time on useless stuff like this!

Click here for wacky museums

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