Distracted walking is illegal in some cities and towns in California and Hawaii.  I can't tell you how many times I've approached intersections with a green light and have had to slam on the breaks as someone was texting (or chasing Pokemon) cluelessly walked into the middle of a busy street. At the risk of sounding like the most 'get off my lawn guy' in the history of cranky old men, maybe it's time to make people more aware of the dangers of distracted walking by making it illegal.

Think of how many people would no longer suffer the embarrassment of walking a** over tea kettle into a mall fountain, or bumping into you on the street causing you to spill hot coffee all over your chest.   According to Mentalfloss.com the law works like this:

Anyone who talks on their phone, looks at their phone, or has headphones on while crossing the street is breaking the new rule. The law excludespeople making 911 calls, on-duty first responders, and people with hearing aids. Fines start at $100 for the first offense and rise to $200 for the second, then reach $500 for every offense after that.

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