So picture this, you're at a diner with your 2 year old, she's crying, screaming, what do you do?

Well, you probably don't think that the owner of the diner you're sitting in will scream at your baby!  Do you?

Well, that's just what happened to a couple who took their 2 year old daughter to a Marcy's in Portland, Maine.

The owner claims the baby wanted to eat her pancakes, but the parents weren't letting her so she cried, for an hour.

So, Darla, the owner, took matters into her own hands.  After unsuccessfully asking them to remove the little girl, she shouted at the baby.  Harsh, right?  Well, maybe, but the toddler did stop screaming.

Check out this interview with the diner's owner and let me know if you think she's crazy, or correct?


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