I stumbled on an article on Just My Type this morning and what I love about it is how it points out the multiple differences between a girl and a woman when dating a guy.Granted some men are more attracted to a younger looking female, mostly because they can control them and feel as though they have the upper hand and can't be hurt.

With that said, they also have to put up with the childish behavior that comes with having a "trophy girlfriend."  Now, obviously there are unique situations that do not apply, but stereotypically speaking, these are the clear cut signs a guy is dating a girl or a woman (or if your a woman, you fall into one of the two categories).

Here are just five of the differences:

1 - A girl throws tantrums (wah, wah, wah) / A woman brings up/communicates what is bothering her

~ I think constant whining on Facebook falls into the "girl" category of this one.

2 - A girl thinks she is a princess -- self entitlement/ A woman has standards that remain true to her

3 - A girl uses physical beauty to give her value/ A woman bases her value on intelligence, strength, integrity, value and her contributions to society

4 - A girl wants a man to her financial strategy/ A woman plans to be financially independent and banks on it!!!

~ This one is my personal favorite!  I love the expression, "I need to marry rich!"  Why? So if (and when) he divorces you, he gets EVERYTHING!

5 - A girl competes and tears down others to get ahead/ A woman helps other women -- takes the high road to get what she wants.

~ Another personal fav -- haven't you ever heard of Karma? It's a..... I'll let you fill in the blank.

See the rest of the list below:

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