Not too long ago we heard that diet soda may contribute equally to heart attacks as regular soda. Today there is news that a nine year study indicated that diet soda may also contribute to strokes. The study was conducted in New York City and while it revealed data indicating that the risk of a stroke could be increased by consuming diet soda, it didn't offer any explanation or links to supplement the data.

So what do the experts suggest? Drink more water. CBS 6 elaborated that those who drank diet soda may not exercise or may smoke.

I've never been a big soda person and I'm always torn between what to think about which kind of soda is better. On one hand "regular" soda is full of corn syrup which I'm pretty sure is pretty bad for you. On the other hand diet soda is full of chemicals which we truthfully aren't too sure of their impact. That leaves the "third" kind of soda - the natural soda or even the "throwback" / "vintage" versions which have real sugar in them instead of something made in a lab.

Why does water have to be so boring!

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