Well, on Friday we qualified 20 listeners to get into a WGNA Powerball pool with 5 employees and we agreed to split any of our winnings 25 ways. Sure, it seems like a lot of people, but if you are talking about a half a billion dollars there is plenty to go around. We also knew that sometimes people don't get ALL the numbers but can still win a lot of money. In fact, someone in Valatie won a million. We also had $107 worth of tickets, surely that would increase our odds. So the big question now is did we win anything and if so, how much?

Well we did. I am happy to inform you that we won $8. That's right, $8. That means after we do the 25 way split, EACH person in the pool gets 32 cents. Ouch. I'm not even sure it wouldn't take more than 32 cents to pay for the gas to get to the station to pick up your prize.

So now I'd like to know: if you are one of our winners in the pool, what would you like me to do with your winnings?