Three weeks ago, the mayor of Schenectady followed a Rotterdam woman because he suspected that she was going through the garbage and vandalizing cars in the middle of the night.

The Rotterdam woman says the mayor was drunk and that she and her friend weren't causing any trouble.

She said they were just leaving a friend's house where they watched a movie when the mayor confronted them.  She said the mayor was noticeably intoxicated during her encounter with him.  She claims the mayor followed her and made her fear her life and that he made a "big mistake".   Now she wants a public apology.  In a recent interview she says that every time she sees headlights in her rearview mirror, she thinks it's the mayor!

She also feels like she was ignored and mistreated by police when she tried to make a complaint about it.  She thinks her concerns weren't taken seriously because she isn't as powerful as the mayor.

Mayor McCarthy of Schenectady has a different story.  He claims he was just taking his garbage out when he spotted the Rotterdam woman and her friend on the street and thought they were up to no good.  He thought they were going through recyclables and breaking into cars.  He said he clearly identified himself as the mayor when he confronted the woman and her friend.

Please note this woman has a record that includes arrests for attempted drug possession and attempted tampering with physical evidence and disciplinary action for breaking rules while behind bars at the county jail.

If you want my opinion, here it is...

Keeping in mind that I don't have complete knowledge of this situation... but, given what I do know, I'm siding with the mayor.

He's the freaking mayor of Schenectady, he literally has to protect the town!  And, if he thinks someone is vandalizing cars or houses, or doing drugs or even going through recyclables, he has a right to question said person!  The woman has a record of causing trouble, and, whether we should use that to judge someone or not... I am in this situation!

But.... maybe he shouldn't have followed them.

Listen, my mom always told me, nothing good happens after midnight. I feel like this might be exactly the kind of situation she was talking about.  Time will tell, I guess!

What do you think?  Let me know in the comment section below!

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