A Delmar man shared some incredible pictures as well as a video of a black bear that he says appeared on his property not once, but twice on Wednesday.  This coincides with another bear sighting on Thursday in the same vicinity.

JC Conrow told WGNA that the meandering mammal first appeared on the backyard patio of his Delmar house, taking quite the interest in a family pet.

"We first saw him on our back deck having a little chat with our cockatiel," Conrow explained.  "I scared him off and he went into the woods to only show up again on our front stoop."

Delmar Bear Has Chat With Family Cockatiel
Delmar Bear Has Chat With Family Cockatiel
Photo: JC Conrow
Black bear appears on the front stoop of a Delmar home on Wednesday morning

Conrow was also able to capture this incredible video of the black bear as it made its way back into the woods of his home in Haswell Farms, a subdivision in Delmar.

According to a report from the Times Union, a black bear was also spotted on Thursday relatively close in neighboring Olde Delmar.  The TU reported that local police and the DEC were able to keep the bear moving without incident and there is no word on whether or not the two separate sightings were of the same animal.

Conrow told GNA that he wasn't the only one in the neighborhood to have an encounter with the Delmar black bear, "We were the fourth family to call the police. " he said.

As for what happened next, "They showed up with a member of animal control or DEC....The animal control guy had a gun loaded with rubber buckshot to scare the bear," Conrow explained.

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