Waking up is tough enough, but waking up feeling allergic to everything is brutal. That's how my Easter started.

I thought I would be nice to myself and sleep in a little Easter morning. I mean, why not, right??? I don't have any kids (well, unless you're counting the ones running around with fur) it's not like the Easter bunny hopped to my home in Waterford and dropped off any goodies (though, one of the fur kids is a bunny) so, I slept in.

When I did get up, it already felt like a train hit me and this was just from getting out of bed. I would chalk it up to old age, but actually I'll never admit to that. I realized some house cleaning was in order so I started right away, after popping an allergy pill because I just knew. Of course kicking up any little bit of dust, cat hair, dog hair, any potential anything was setting me off. I must've sneezed a thousand times Sunday but, if you've been like I've been trust me when I say, we're not alone!

I know from years of going to a specialist that typically, I'm bad when the seasons change but for us here Upstaters we barely had a winter to change TO! So, when you thought you had a cold back in December, eh, it could've been your allergies. It's simple to understand really, the pollen kept pollenating. Now? Now it's definitely allergies. The seasons are officially changing, the rain has been pouring, things are growing as the temperatures begin to rise and now come out the Claritin and Kleenex boxes.

If you'd like to read a more scientifically worded article on this with quotes from doctors who know way more about medical stuff than I do, you can go here. But, they're going to tell you the same thing I did. You know why? Because I'm allergic to just about everything and I hate it. *insert enthusiastic smile here*

HELPFUL TIP: Most people take an allergy pill when they start feeling the symptoms but to be honest, it's too late by then and whatever you take won't be or feel as effective. The trick is, if you know you have seasonal allergies, or are like my and allergic to things year round - take a pill daily (or daily during your bad season.) Keep the medicine in you, so it'll protect you from what you're allergic to the most. It's helped my life a great deal and the only reason I felt like I did the other day is because I had forgotten my pill the day before. Now you know!


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