Nothing against Dave Letterman or his choice of final musical guests, but this is who he chose to end is 30 plus year career?  Why? 

Believe me, I'm not knocking his choice of bands.  I was just wondering why he picked them?  He could have anyone on the planet (like perhaps a good Country artist!)  But I guess there is a personal reason for his choice.

According to Rolling , they were the first group he chose to be on the show after his return from quadruple bypass surgery, and the song "Everlong" happens to be his favorite song as well.  Another one of their songs "soundtracked a major moment from his fatherhood" too.

The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Outside Concerts
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(Also, Letterman co-produced Dave Grohl's tv series called "Sonic Highways", so they have business ties as well)

Ok, now I understand.

Trivia question:  Who did Johnny Carson have as HIS last musical guest? And are you old enough to remember seeing it live?  I definitely saw it.  Very emotional moment!

Good luck Dave -- we're gonna miss ya!



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