Online dating used to have a somewhat negative stigma, but not anymore!  People are meeting their mates online everyday!  And, while there are a lot of romantic stories that come from these sites, I found two behind-the-scene stories about dating sites that made me wonder...

Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images

So, my first story is about a former employee who is suing the website Ashley Madison . . . a site for people looking to CHEAT on their spouses.  The woman says the company hired her to write 1,000 FAKE PROFILES for FAKE sexy women . . . and, while typing feverishly, she hurt her wrists trying to get it all done under her strict three-week deadline.  She's suing for $20 million!

And, I caught my husband snickering on the couch the other night, looking at his phone.  Turns out he was reading a story about Gary Kremen, the founder of  Gary sadly, and ironically lost his girlfriend when she met a man she liked better on...!  No wonder my husband was giggling!

Crazy, right!  Do you have any online Dating Disaster stories?