Believe me you are NOT going to regret watching this. I am so mad I didn't have the idea to do this myself and I'm also so mad I don't have the skills or talent to make the idea come to life. Fortunately for all of us a group called Aualnauts and a guy named,  David Bizzaro do have the skills. I think it is so well done that it doesn't matter of you are a Trump fan or a Star wars fan, I think it still translates and hits the mark. Honestly these two are the number 1 trending topics over the last 6 months anyway, it is only natural to want to combine them.

Obviously there is something just right about making Donald Trump into Darth Vader both are very popular yet polarizing figures who you just can't seem to figure out if they are good or bad. The fact that Darth doesn't have a mouth to move also makes it so easy to imagine that it was The Donald in that costume the whole time.

I also love that they mostly stayed away from being political and just used Trumps offbeat personality as the star in this clip. Let me know what you think.

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