Larry the Cable Guy thinks I look like Darryl Worley. I guess you'll be able to figure out if its true when you get your tickets to the WGNA Winter Concert on Saturday, February 5th at Proctors. I'll tell you the very funny story now.

I was in Nashville on one of my many, many trips down there over the years for a convention. The convention didn't start until Tuesday and as I always do, I got into town on Sunday to enjoy a few days of fun. It was 2004 and I was walking down by the Hard Rock Cafe and Wild Horse Sallon off West Commerce Street. It was about 7:30pm on Monday night and I look over at B.B. King's bar and see 2 giant tour busses parked outside.

My curiosity made me just stick my head in the door and say, "Hey what's going on tonight?".  There was security just inside the door and 2 people manning a table with what looked like a very serious list of the invite only people gathered at B.B. King's.

All of a sudden one of the guys at the table with the guest books says, "Hey, we've been waiting for you. Head on in, thanks for coming".  I was wondering who they thought I was. Well, they didn't have to tell me twice and I shot into the club before they realized I was nobody important.

After I got in there I see about 300 people, all of them pretty intoxicated at this point. I see John Rich, Tracy Byrd, Big Kenny and more. John Anderson was on the stage with his full band singing "Straight Tequila Night", one of my all time favorites. I'm just wandering around womdering what I stepping into the middle of, I still didn't know.

All of a sudden I see Larry The Cable Guy come up to me with a hat that looked like a birthday cake with candles and a Bud Light in his hand. He says, "I knew you were going to make it"!

I politely tell him thanks, and then he hollars over to his wife and his kids to come over and meet me. I am totally going nuts trying to figure out who he thinks I am now, and then the answer finally comes out when he says "I told you Darryl Worley was coming to my birthday party"!

I was frozen stiff, and he then gets his wife and kids and himself together and they pose for a photo with me. I just smiled and didnt say a word. The real Darryl Worley never showed up.

I saw Darryl about a year later and told him about the story and he laughed really, really hard and actually told me that people told him they saw him at the party.

Get your tickets for the WGNA Winter Concert at Proctors in Schenectady with Craig Campbell, Darryl Worley and Joe Nichols today.

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