I feel like I have to start this off by saying that I'm not a parent. I have personally only have a dog though there are a lot of children in my family. My Mom used this when I was a kid and I don't feel like it was a big deal. What am I missing?

These are probably good things to know if the time comes and parenthood is in my future. I was an only child with unlimited energy and the propensity to run away and hide in stores. She didn't use it often but if we were going to be somewhere with a lot of people, my Mom would attach something to my wrist, then to her wrist so we were always connected and I couldn't run off.

Clint Edwards from Oregon shared this image of his child with a leash on Facebook. He explained that sometimes he uses the backpack harness because if he didn't in crowded places, she'd run off and get lost. I don't think that says anything about his parenting, kids do that. I did that. We all did that. Though many comments agreed, the issue the internet has here is that people use them as babysitters. Someone else said, "The words 'leash' and 'kid' shouldn't be allowed in the same sentence." How do you feel about leashes on children?

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