The state of New York and New York City are getting bolder with reopening plans. But what does it mean for concerts?

Mayor DeBlasio is targeting July 1st for everything to reopen without restrictions, and according to New York Upstate Governor Cuomo made his own bold statement that he would like to see business operating at 100 percent even earlier than that. Does this mean anything for concerts and live events also getting back to 100 percent? Those details seem vague at this point.

Cuomo was pretty specific in his language saying 'business' when he made this statement, so you have to imagine concerts and large gatherings that draw thousands probably will not follow that 'before July 1st' timeline. Now, there has been some encouraging news for outdoor events growing with the announcement earlier this week capacities will be raised to 33% for outdoor venues next month, but we are still a ways off it feels like from full house shows happening at SPAC in the next few months.

SPAC does have some shows on the schedule this summer, with no Country shows having been added to the lineup. That could change as other venues in the state are hosting some of Nashville finest - but at this point, it remains to be seen if we will hit a point when they can actually happen. But all the signs are encouraging at this point; hopefully, we keep taking steps forward and it is just a matter of time until we are partying it up!

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