It has been a pretty well known fact the New York's population has been declining over the years, and Governor Cuomo has a reason why.

Weather! According to a CBS 6 report, Governor Cuomo said this week New Yorker's moving has been 'climate-based.' The common feeling has been that high taxes, cost of living and unemployment where the reasons so many were leaving, but Cuomo says his administration has rectified those issues.

So just how many people have moved out of New York? The CBS report quotes data from the Empire Center that says since 2000 2 million New York residents have moved to other states. The Empire Center also says in many upstate counties the death rate is higher than the birth rate, which compounds the problem.

Let's be honest, there is some truth to the Governor's statement. We know people leave for warmer climates, But, as someone who has lived in other states, regardless of progress the Cuomo administration has made, the cost of living in other states can still be much lower. Including states right near us.

Let me preface this by saying I love living here and love the area. But it can get expensive.For example, I lived in New Hampshire for 4 years. There is no sales or income tax, the unemployment rate is always lower than the national average and cost of living is much more reasonable. Property taxes are the one burden there that can be high, but the overall tax burden and cost of living is super manageable.

Climate is definitely a factor, but the grass literally being a little greener in other states has to be a contributing factor to residents moving. Sometimes it just comes down to simple math.


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