Doesn't it figure that when you lose something, it's something irreplaceable or incredibly expensive? One local man lost something incredibly important to him at Crossgates Mall with the hope of never seeing it again.

Ron Rivers of Vorheesville was at Crossgates Mall to see a movie at Regal Cinemas on Tuesday. As he was leaving, he realized that he had lost his wedding ring somewhere, according to CBS 6. This wedding ring was incredibly important since he's had it for 48 years and his wife has since passed away.

Rivers' daughter, Ann DeVost, posted about the ring on Facebook where it quickly gained quite a few shares as a last resort since they just assumed they'd never see it again. The theatre said they probably wouldn't see it since lost items tend to be swept up and thrown out with the popcorn - or so they thought.

As DeVost was on the phone, being told that hope was most likely lost at this point, the person on the other end says "Hold on, I have a gold ring here" inscribed with the date 5-16-70. Thankfully, some good samaritan turned it in! Rivers' late wife Patricia was a 29-year-cancer survivor who passed on December 2, nine years ago. Especially coming up on the anniversary, the family is hoping to find and thank the person who turned it in. They may have no idea how important that ring was!

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