If you're looking to go to the movies at Colonie Center soon, you may be surprised to see that some of the policies are different and you should know before you go.

I saw a bunch of comments of people complaining on Facebook and then went to Albany Reddit and it didn't stop. I don't think the issue is so much because of the policy itself but more because it was a surprise to patrons.

Now, when you go to buy a ticket, you must also pick a seat along with it and no single seat can be left empty in between. It seems like this policy was only put into effect earlier this week but I didn't see any announcements on their Facebook and the information hasn't been covered much by local news outlets.

Also, if you're a MoviePass user, others have said you go about getting a ticket the same way, you now just have to pick a seat to reserve like everyone else.

One of the interesting issues brought up in the thread is the inability to move away from people. Let's say the person next to you is obnoxious, will you be reprimanded for switching seats? Also, unless you buy a ticket with the people you're going with to a popular movie, there's a slim chance you'll be sitting together. No more saving seats and no more first-come-first-serve. What do you think?

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