Do you remember when Crossgates Mall opened? Well, if you want to relive the grand opening, a video from the day is trending. Do you see yourself?

Back in 1984, Pyramid came to the Capital Region and opened the mall we now know as Crossgates. There have been so many store changes in over two decades and you can see them in this vintage footage from the Grand Opening that I found on Reddit.

You've probably seen the Crossgates Mall promo video that goes around every so often, but this is one that someone dug up from somewhere because, personally, I'd never seen this one before.

Thanks to one YouTube user, you can relive the very first day of Crossgates Mall and, who knows, maybe you'll spot someone you know. It starts with the debates on whether or not to build the mall, into laying the very first tilework and flooring, and of course the ceilings that Crossgates Mall is known for. The video is so 1984 and brilliant. What do you remember from 1980s Crossgates?

(Side note: why did Crossgates ever get rid of Ben & Jerry's, that would be brilliant there now!)

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