Back in 1984, the newly completed Crossgates Mall was just opening. This video will definitely take you back to they hey day of 'The Mall!'

Does this video take you back? First, I love seeing some of the old stores that aren't around anymore. Remember Caldor? Wow! How about Tape World? Who would have thought in 1984 a store like Tape World would be completely unnecessary. And the clothes towards the end of the video! What were we thinking in the 80s?

But some things remain the same, like the food court. Timeless, right? Regardless of our bad fashion choices or obsolete means of watching movies from 'Tape World,' gathering at the mall food court for some greasy goodness will always remain a constant.

And where there once was a 'Tape World' with grainy movies on a tape, there is the Apple Store, with the most cutting edges technology. It's amazing how some things change, and others stay the same. I wonder what a video from Crossgates in 2016 will look like in 2046? Only time will tell. Happy shopping!

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