Crossgates Mall has shifted gears with more entertainment venues opening over the last few years, and the mall's evolution will continue with another new project.

A housing development! Yes, that's right. According to a Times Union report, Crossgates is planning to develop a 20-acre tract to the west of the mall. The mall plans on building 222 units, including apartments and townhomes. The first floor of the units would include retail space. The land is located at the intersection of Rapp and Gipp Roads. Plans for the housing were recently submitted to the Guilderland planning board.

This continues the evolution of Crossgates into what the Times Union calls "...a shopping, residential and entertainment destination." Think about it: 2 hotels recently opened at Crossgates, and there are multiple entertainment venues currently operating, all with something unique to offer. The mall also just hosted their first craft beer event!

You have to give credit here to Crossgates for evolving. Retail has changed so much over the last few years with online shopping growing exponentially, but you have to assume making the mall a multi-use, entertainment destination must keep foot traffic coming in!


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