Don't worry - the kids will get the meaning of the headline above.  You see, Crosby Elementary has a very special "ROAR" program.  It's rules that kids have to follow in the classroom and in the school. Each letter stands for a different word.  You'll understand when you hear their clever song below!

I had the chance to visit Nathan Loux's great, creative students at the Crosby Elementary School in Pittsfield, Mass.

They were definitely ready to read, write and rhyme.  My kind of class!  Since each of the letters represent a behavior to follow, and there are 4 letters total, I guess the song that fit the best was the Village Peoples' "YMCA".  It wasn't an easy task to fit all the information in this song, but the kids had some awesome ideas and we succeeded in less than an hour to not only put the song together, but record it as well.

Here is what they came up with..  (the lyrics are embedded in the slideshow so you can sing along!)

Thanks again, Mr. Loux, for having me in!


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