A year ago, Halloween, creepy clowns were popping up all over the Capital Region. While that's died down, Stephen King's "It" hits theaters on September 8th and audiences who have seen it already have been flat out terrified! Clowns are a really weird thing to me.  I'm not afraid of them but I'm paralyzed by them just enough to wonder if I should be afraid. Does anybody actually LIKE clowns??

The makeup...big shoes...red nose... and that painted on smile.  Some say "relax, it's just a clown!" but the fear that people have (even if it seems completely irrational) is nothing to joke about. Fall is right around the corner and you know what that means: Clown Season is upon us. If I were to use the morning show as an example,  Chrissy who tends be pretty fearless, couldn't even watch the trailer for "It".  Meanwhile Jess and I watched it a couple of times, enjoying the cheap 2 minute thrill it gave us.  A former colleague of mine was so terrified of the clowns, that it was hard for her to look at Ronald McDonald!!  C'mon, that's hilarious to me, but it was no laughing matter to her.

While I can honestly say that I don't know a single person over the age of 9 that actually "likes" clowns, I know plenty that would rather die than come face to face with one.  Hold up your single red balloon, clown season is here...or maybe it never really left.


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