I live in Schenectady so whenever I see it mentioned, I always read it. There's a new post going around about the area around Rivers Casino and how if you plan to be in the area anytime soon, take a look out for this guy.

I just happened to casually come across this long post being shared around Schenectady where a guy, Benjamin Hunt, was leaving at the early hours of the morning and interacted with a creeper. Sadly, he didn't get a picture or a license plate number but if you see him or hear anything else, let us know so we can update the story!

Apparently, there's a man in a white pick-up truck standing near Rivers Casino on the road. He asked Hunt to pull over so he could ask a question, which he decided to do just to be nice. The man gave him a huge speech about how he's poor, lost, doesn't know Schenectady, and could really use the gas money and wants to get home about 2 hours away.

This is when Hunt realized it was a scam. He offered to follow the guy to a gas station and pay for the gas but all the man wanted was for Hunt to follow him to an ATM relatively far away. As Hunt said, "He sure knew his way around schenectady for someone whos never been out here before." He was last seen yesterday early morning on State St and Erie Boulevard. If you're in that area of Schenectady please be careful of this man!

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