I'm pretty tired this morning.  I went with a good buddy, Lou Manuta to see a legend.  When I left, I felt guilty to be the least bit sleepy eyed.  This guy is 68 years old and blew us all away at the Times Union Center last nite

photo by Richie Phillips

John performed the contents of an entire classic album of his - "Cosmos Factory" and then proceeded to play for at least another 90 minutes.  He seemed to cover all of his hits in the process.and that's one tough group of songs to belt out, no matter what the age.   His performance made me realize two things about him:

1.  His songs are very much rooted in country,  but I never realized just how much until I heard all of his songs played together.

2.  Never assume ANYTHING about someone who you deem "old".  Let me repeat - he is very close to 70 years old, and just look at him--

photo by Richie PHillips

Take a listen again to "Lookin' Out My Back Door", "Proud Mary", "Green River" and the like and you will realize that he was such a big influence in moving country music into the pop world. (Apologies to Taylor, Keith and Florida Georgia Line, but you weren't the first crossover artists).

photo by Richie Phillips

Anyway, kudos to this man. He didn't have the biggest crowd in the world, but it might have been the most enthusiastic in awhile.  Not bad for someone who was featured in AARP magazine not long ago!