You've been seeing ads for these movies everywhere but Jackson will let you know if they're worth seeing.

The first movie that came out this weekend was "Crazy Rich Asians." Rachel Chu (Constance Wu, "Fresh Off the Boat") decides to accompany her long-time boyfriend Nick (Henry Golding) to a wedding in Singapore. That's when she learns that her boyfriend's family is wealthy and is considered one of the country's most eligible bachelors. Now, Rachel is in the spotlight and has to balance dealing with that as well as his disapproving mother.

The other movie everyone is talking about this weekend is "The Meg." What looks like another "Sharknado" shark attack movie, this time as a more respected actor as the lead (Jason Statham). A creature attacks a sub, leaving the crew trapped at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. It's up to Jonas Taylor (Statham) to save them while avoiding the 75-foot-long prehistoric shark.

Also, Jackson touched on the changes to the Academy Awards this year and gives his insight on how the show could be better and what these changes mean for the future of the award show.

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