If you've been to WGNA's Countryfest in the past, you know that many people wear cowboy hats as either part of their attire or to help shade themselves from the sun.  If you've never been to Countryfest, then consider yourself notified.

There is a certain attire that comes with attending Countryfest.  Typically, we have hot weather.  After all it is a summer concert happening -- wait for it -- in the summer, hot weather.  Therefore, long pants or a long sleeve shirt is probably not your best bet.

However, any sort of sun protection is a good bet.  There is not much shade at the Altamont Fairgrounds, especially for this event.  So it is exceptionally important that you are prepared with the right precautions and clothing, to be in the sun ...................................................................................... for an extended period of time.

A cowboy hat is not a necessity --  we of course will still let you through the gate if you are not wearing one.  However, they tend to be very festive for the event and once again, will keep you cool from the sun beating down on your face.  But where would you get a cowboy hat?  Well, first things first -- what is the proper color cowboy hat to get?

Just like most rules of fashion, you should not wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.  White or a light colored clothing accessory, such as shoes or a hat, are permitted during the time frame of Countryfest.  Therefore, a straw or off-white cowboy hat would be the most suitable color for this weekend, especially because straw is has more air flow than felt and, a light colored hat won't attract the sun as much as a dark color.

In and around the Capital Region, there are numerous places to pick up a real cowboy hat before this Saturday.  Double M in Malta has a wide selection.  However, if you are south of Albany, JP North's Tack Store would be much closer for you and also has a wide selection to choose from.  And in the event that you don't make it out to shop before Countryfest, JP's will actually have a booth set up right near the horse ring for all your shopping desires.

So, remember, pack that sunscree and that cowboy hat and stay tuned for more Countryfest fashion insight leading up to this Saturday's show with headliner Miranda Lambert and many other great acts!