By now I bet you think you know all there is to know about Countryfest. Well not so fast my friends! Let me take you into a dark and scary place called MY MIND! Here is what July 7th 2012 was like for me.

First thing I see after getting out of the car is a sign that WGNA had invaded downtown Albany. A friend of mine called this a "Redneck E brake".

I don't know if know this but THE Jeff Levack only travels by giant wooden shoes.

The day kicked off in style at Savannah's with tiny Mimosas.

Once the free show started on Pearl street I was ALL BUSINESS!

I believe the above pic is me informing the crowd they were at a "indoor show" and to "ignore the sky above them" it was a illusion.

Gotta show Scottie Blaine some love...or pick his nose.

Hands down the best thing about working at GNA is you the listener!

The second best thing is no doubt the music! Love being at the shows!

Thank you to everyone that came out and supported the station and country music. You all made this one of if not my all time favorite Countryfest! Hope to see you all at The GNA Summer Picnic!!