Today I had the privilege of meeting singer and songwriter JT Hodges who records for Universal South Records. This guy is the real deal.

Bill pulled the bus in here at the WGNA Country 107.7 studios on Kings Road in Schenectady at about 11am and in came JT Hodges with his representative Macy. We talked about the song and music in general for about 10 minutes and then headed out to the bus to have JT play some songs for me acoustically before he headed off to Springfield, Mass.

Bill the bus driver is a legend in the Nashville scene and was Conway Twitty's personal and only bus driver for his entire career. I have probably met him 30 to 40 times over the years bringing various artists into the country radio stations I've worked at.

JT Hodges broke out that guitar and played his new hit song "Hunt You Down" and it was incredible. He is a very humble guy, and thanked me for playing the record on Country 107.7 WGNA. We were one of the first stations in America to play it. Keep your eyes and ears open for a true star on the rise, JT Hodges.  Learn all about what makes JT Hodges click in the meantime right here. Earlier we posted some exclusive of JT Hodges performing on the bus this morning at the WGNA Country 107.7 parking lot on Kings Road in Schenectady.  If you missed it I included that exclusive video in this story for you too, so check it out . It's only on